Monday, April 6, 2015

Using color in your home Design

Do you realize that different colors can affect your moods on a daily basis? Psychology of color would be used in the design of your home choose either fabric paint and colors for various rooms in your entire home.

Bright Colors

Bright colors make the room appear larger, so when you try to create the illusion of extra space, choose the color yellow or egg shells.

Red has been shown to increase one's appetite, so it is often chosen as an accent color to the kitchen. However, if you are the victim of high blood pressure, you should probably avoid red as it has been known to increase blood pressure along with irritability in many individuals.
Green has been shown to improve concentration, so whether you choose to paint the walls of light green or light green Office includes a seat or just buy potted plants, be sure to add some bright colors into your Office or school room.

Other bright colors to consider are yellow. Yellow inspires optimism; so you can create an atmosphere of happy at the entrance, kitchen, Sun room, or other space to include some bright color colour this!

One bright color to avoid the purple, as it tends to look artificial in the design of the House. If our absolute favorite colors purple, you can include it in the accessories, fabrics, or with natural colors such as green or yellow color is subtle.

Bright citrus accents can be used in pain or asthma children's spaces. It is known well to increase energy and improve lung function. Orange can also be a good color for rehearsal space, because you need the energy and deep breathing for an effective workout!

Finally, the white color of light makes a perfect color for the bathroom. Not only is it symbolizes cleanliness, but also literally help you keep your room clean and reveal the stains and spots, which needs to be cleared. You can be sure that your bathroom sparkling clean and germ free while it is unsullied white!

Other colors

Shades of blue, lavender, and relaxing colors that are considered green because they seem to have a relaxing effect on the occupants of the room. This is an ideal color to incorporate into the design of the House for the bedroom or bathroom (especially the bathtub/shower area) because the room is most commonly associated with relaxation.

Take advantage of the color from your past can create a cheerful and nostalgic, brings back fond memories of your childhood. Experts have noted that the use of these colors in your kitchen are very effective for bringing back fond memories of spending time with family during meals.

Warm tones such as dark red, Orange and yellow is the color of the accent which is ideal during the autumn months. These colours creating a welcoming atmosphere and makes the room look warmer.

Cool tones combine shades of blue, white, bright green and purple pastel might be. This can be used as an accent color during the warm summer months to create the illusion of cool atmosphere as your guests enter your home.