Monday, April 6, 2015

Using color in your home Design

Do you realize that different colors can affect your moods on a daily basis? Psychology of color would be used in the design of your home choose either fabric paint and colors for various rooms in your entire home.

Bright Colors

Bright colors make the room appear larger, so when you try to create the illusion of extra space, choose the color yellow or egg shells.

Red has been shown to increase one's appetite, so it is often chosen as an accent color to the kitchen. However, if you are the victim of high blood pressure, you should probably avoid red as it has been known to increase blood pressure along with irritability in many individuals.
Green has been shown to improve concentration, so whether you choose to paint the walls of light green or light green Office includes a seat or just buy potted plants, be sure to add some bright colors into your Office or school room.

Other bright colors to consider are yellow. Yellow inspires optimism; so you can create an atmosphere of happy at the entrance, kitchen, Sun room, or other space to include some bright color colour this!

One bright color to avoid the purple, as it tends to look artificial in the design of the House. If our absolute favorite colors purple, you can include it in the accessories, fabrics, or with natural colors such as green or yellow color is subtle.

Bright citrus accents can be used in pain or asthma children's spaces. It is known well to increase energy and improve lung function. Orange can also be a good color for rehearsal space, because you need the energy and deep breathing for an effective workout!

Finally, the white color of light makes a perfect color for the bathroom. Not only is it symbolizes cleanliness, but also literally help you keep your room clean and reveal the stains and spots, which needs to be cleared. You can be sure that your bathroom sparkling clean and germ free while it is unsullied white!

Other colors

Shades of blue, lavender, and relaxing colors that are considered green because they seem to have a relaxing effect on the occupants of the room. This is an ideal color to incorporate into the design of the House for the bedroom or bathroom (especially the bathtub/shower area) because the room is most commonly associated with relaxation.

Take advantage of the color from your past can create a cheerful and nostalgic, brings back fond memories of your childhood. Experts have noted that the use of these colors in your kitchen are very effective for bringing back fond memories of spending time with family during meals.

Warm tones such as dark red, Orange and yellow is the color of the accent which is ideal during the autumn months. These colours creating a welcoming atmosphere and makes the room look warmer.

Cool tones combine shades of blue, white, bright green and purple pastel might be. This can be used as an accent color during the warm summer months to create the illusion of cool atmosphere as your guests enter your home.

Bathroom Designer

Currently, the bath is considered to be the most important room in the House. People all over the world give importance because their bathroom as in the case of any room in their home. Radical changes are made to a person to his modern bathroom is second to none when compared with the changes being experienced in other rooms in someone's home. The bathroom is now a place for people to relax after a busy day at work. The fact is that just because the last century bathroom had been brought inside the House, and since then, there has been a lot of change and innovation that has evolved and is still evolving. Bathroom designers now, things in the most modern homes worldwide.

Currently, designing the bathroom requires a lot of attention as in the case of other important rooms in the House. Today, modern bathroom has many luxurious and elegant equipment such as a bathtub, shower cubicles, shower massage, tile side tile floors, designer and designer faucet hot and cold water, cupboards and sink, fiting luxury lamp, and so on. Basic facilities that each bathroom must have is the toilet, sink, bath tub and shower. Nowadays, even a basic bathroom facilities comes as a modern bathroom fixtures and luxury, which not only provides a feeling of comfort and elegance for bathrooms but also give more comfort to the person using the bathroom. Elegant designer fittings, romantic and luxurious, this creates a soothing atmosphere, inviting and relaxing for a modern bathroom.

Today modern sink becomes more elegant and now come in a variety of infinite shapes and styles. Also the placement of the sink would boost the entire look of the bathroom. Sinks can be hung on the wall, or can be placed on a desk made of wood, marble or granite, or placed on a pedestal sleek and attractive. Placement of sinks in the bathroom would be a reflection of lifestyle and tastes of someone who can set the mood for one to relax and not worry, at least temporarily, from Genesis in the vicinity.

Modern bathtub and bathroom has been through considerable evolution over a period of time and is now considered the most important fixtures in the bathrooms of modern designers. Currently, people are willing to invest in more than the size of hot tubs for the bathroom they will provide them with more comfort and space and a pleasant bathing experience. So, the bathrooms are designed in such a way as to accommodate this modern bathtub. A variety of designer shower head is also available as a combination of a standard shower head with a throbbing head, pressure adjustable shower heads, hand showers and body sprays.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Candy Rock Cake plate

Candy Rock Cake plate: Candy Rock Cake plate in Green design by Imm living. Made from porcelain with shinny green color, size: 8.5" x 8.5" x 5". Nothing says holiday like some shimmer and shine! Bring a little sparkle into your space with this collection of glossy metallic pieces.

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Ka M Floor reading lamp

Ka M Floor reading lamp: Ka M Floor reading lamp by WoodenDot. Ka M is a standard lamp, which radiates direct light. Its simple and elegant lines are drawn from a stylish structure of beech wood slats, a tripod shape and joined together by a leather thread.

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LED Projector Alarm Clock

LED Projector Alarm Clock: LED Projector Alarm Clock by Lexon. The Lexon Lumo LED projector alarm clock by combines the functions of a clock, a LED time projector and alarm clock. The projector can be rotated 180 degrees and project the time on any surface close by. When the projector button is pressed it will remain on until switched off.

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Azure Blue Coffee Maker

Azure Blue Coffee Maker: Coffee makers ECOV 310 az blue by DeLonghi. Stainless steel boiler, with baby blue color and retro concepts. Stainless steel boiler, Unique Azure Blue high gloss finish with chromed details. Transparent and removable water reservoir, advanced technology that guarantees a perfect and authentic Italian espresso.

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