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staircase design modern home

staircase design modern home 

staircase design modern home 

staircase design modern home 

staircase design modern home 

staircase design modern home 

staircase design modern home 

staircase design modern home 

staircase design modern home

staircase design modern home

staircase design modern home 

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How To Design A House In 5 Easy Step

I will show you how to architect and develop the House design from the beginning. If you follow these steps, you can even develop your own home design that is functional and aesthetically pleasing for you and your family members.

1.Please take a close look at the first row House. Especially looking for environment plot. Many times the environment has a major impact on the design. for example, row House on the coast of the sea will have
a much greater level of attention towards the shore the Sea face of the House. On the other hand the presence of the railway line along the swath of homes

should take care when designing a House. Note elements that existed in the plot such as large trees, natural slopes etc are also looking for directions to direct sunlight, wind, etc.

2.Before you start sketching the design House to write the amount of space the House will contain. This includes living room, kitchen, bedroom, relative amounts of toilet, dining room, living room, car park, Garden space if one exists. This will help to regulate the design of the home stretch as far as the plot is concerned.

3.Write down briefly the number of people who might occupy the House. Also take note of their age group, their living habits such as hours of work, etc. This helps in creating custom settings for special purpose functions. For example, if the host is "Yoga teacher" then he may need a different room with external access that does not interfere with the privacy of the rest of the room.

4.The third step will reveal valuable information to you about the kind of habitat You will design. It will also become clear from three steps did you have to go to the land only
The structure of the floor or two-storey house.

Make some sketches on paper or using computer software whatever is comfortable for you. try different alternatives that will solve the first three requirements to the maximum. Playing with varous architectural style. See also budget factors.

5.If you are ready with the basic plan and the architectural style of trying to deal with the requirements of a variety of services such as home electrical systems, water supply and drainage system, rainwater
drainage system.

Based on this study the basic but very important that can easily complete the design of your dream home. This type of survey and careful analysis saves a lot of time and money in the long run because you will
dealing with real-life problems and solutions.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Home Design Trends

The new year often makes people want some new changes in their lives. One of the most common changes homeowners decide is the renovation of the space, if not their entire home. This is the breakdown of the home features trend broken down room by room.


The rain has become more popular than the tub for many years. Bathing experience itself is something that many homeowners would like to change. Gone are the days of a shower/tub combo, and stand alone bath getting a redesign. Home owners who leave the shower curtains and doors of stalls, instead choosing to open air bathing experience.

Stand alone bathtubs are becoming more popular for people who enjoy a good soak. Bak is becoming more of a focal point of the bathroom though. With the popularity of decorative bathtubs, all bathrooms are often designed around the bathtub itself. This is a far cry from the tile in the bath from the 50s and 60s.

Floating vanity is a way to make a small bathroom feel larger by freeing the bathroom floor space. Minimalist single shelf value and the mirror above the sink has become an increasing trend. This frees up the mess the bathroom and gives the feeling of space is more sterile.


Bright colors with black accents is becoming more and more popular. High contrast is a take on the classic black and white kitchen. This gives the opportunity for homeowners over their personality and taste into your kitchen design.

Copper and brass large depressed this year. Shying way from paint bright chrome and nickel, copper and brass have a more natural feeling warm.

Renewable and recycled products have replaced expensive woods and marbles. The material is easily renewable, such as bamboo, has become popular for tables, counter tops, even the floor.

The living room

Turquoise has become on of the most popular colors for your living room. The last few years using a lot of green and blue, turquoise almost ended up in the natural. Deep and rich turquoise, pale and wimpy, not have appeared in the upholstery, wall coverings, furniture and walls.

The overexposure for consumer goods has left people looking for vintage and one-of-a-kind. Order from Ikea just doesn't cut it for most people. Now most people find great pieces at consignment shops, flea markets and antique shops. Pieces that require repair are also popular because people can customize his own pieces.

Reinventing electric outlet is definitely something going on. New U-socket plug has two USB outlets so that homeowners are not always looking for a place to fill in their phone. The Outlet also features smart sensor that stops filling when the device has reached full charge.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Beautiful Japanese Style Interiors

If you have been looking for a design style for your home that shows the style and class, you should consider an Asian design. There are so many different ways to combine this style, but so many people don't know how to begin to introduce this classic style. Here are some tips that will help.

Japan style is very popular and replicable. You can make this style using only simple touches in your home. Put on the screen will automatically change the Shoji room You because it is a unique style. The screen is a simple frame is made of wood with rice paper, sometimes with a design on it, as a filler. The design may be simple or complex, depending on your taste. Use them as space dividers as Japan, or simply as accent pieces. A beautiful Kotatsu table also, Japan's unique items that will bring this theme to the space soon. A dark wood table in rectangular shape, sometimes with a heater in the Center, it is the center of home life of Japan.

An easy way to add the next Japan motifs known as straw mats Gozas mats. Some have been weaving with border designs. They are used for a variety of functions in Japan, such as sitting or sleeping, as the tracks at home, but you can use it as an accent only if you like, for example, as a cover or substitute bench area rugs.

An easy way to add is gong. Very symbolic of the Japan style, you can choose one in a number of sizes, depending on the size of your room. There is a very large gong, but you should have plenty of room for them. A gong that hangs, and only about a foot or so in diameter are more practical. They came up with a lovely scroll design, and you can use a hammer to ring it, or you can hang it on the wall as a work of art.

Calligraphy in Japan or Chinese characters will make the room look Asian in an instant. This is a very simple way to bring this style into your home, because you can get a job with the writing pre-framed calligraphy and beautiful pictures on them. They are usually in simple, dramatic black wood frame, reflecting the dramatic lines of this style.

Architectural Home Design by the Experts

Creating the perfect home plan is an important process during the process of construction of the House. Even though you may have a number of ideas for your home, only an expert architect can design your home with an imaginative mix of design styles and the added convenience of modern technology to make your home more livable. You may believe that it plans a stock option is easy, convenient and cost-effective but weigh with a choice of an expert home plans designed for every budget and plan that is fully functional.

The perfect home for you and your family

The best work submitted only by people who are experts in their field. When you let an architect dealing with the design of your home, you are sure the House plans is a perfect blend of style and functionality. They will have sufficient experience in designing small houses or large and elegant, and various architectural styles as well. With your needs in mind, they will bless their designs with a touch of added to make your home beautiful while it remains comfortable.
They will also be updated with the current building code and will work to ensure that your home is confirmed for all the necessary code. The architects are skilled at using the latest technology to design a home that fits Your aesthetic tastes. They can improve the plan based on your suggestions as well, so understand your wishes. In short, an expert will take a beautiful and functional home for people who love to live in one. Select an expert and experienced house design to build your dream home on Your price range, location and architectural style.

Minimalist Architecture For New Home Designs

If you are looking for a modern home design that is specially designed to style and functionality, then select minimalism and house design plan is right for you. It makes use of a clean, geometric lines to create a sleek look. This is great for house design with a limited area of space. You will be able to make full use of all spaces. It is simple, stylish and effective. To achieve a minimalist effect, most homes employ some elements of the function. For example, the heater can be mounted directly on the floor or wall.

The lighting is also very important when it comes to minimalist architecture. It makes use of only high-quality lamps, because the idea is to create a simple effect. Also, black and white are very common. They are usually the basic color of the minimalist house design. Sometimes, dark wood is also used for the floor. The roof is usually flat, unlike ordinary homes. This makes for a more modest effect. It pays attention to the cleanliness of the joints of the wall as well. This is another reason why the minimalist design makes use of the flat roof.

Pops of color brighten the minimalist house designed. Bright colors like red, yellow and orange provide interesting contrasts and aesthetically pleasing with the overall design of the House. They usually take the form of a vase, artwork, or a simple piece of furniture.
If you want to know more about the latest in home design, it would be better to consult new home builder. They can design a home for you in any style you want. They can easily make use of minimalist design. You can see the various designs of their house and plans to see which one works for you. You can also see a bit of home design and plan, for some inspiration. You can easily get a dream home and land package minimalist You with the help of a good, reliable home builder.