Sunday, June 15, 2014

How To Design A House In 5 Easy Step

I will show you how to architect and develop the House design from the beginning. If you follow these steps, you can even develop your own home design that is functional and aesthetically pleasing for you and your family members.

1.Please take a close look at the first row House. Especially looking for environment plot. Many times the environment has a major impact on the design. for example, row House on the coast of the sea will have
a much greater level of attention towards the shore the Sea face of the House. On the other hand the presence of the railway line along the swath of homes

should take care when designing a House. Note elements that existed in the plot such as large trees, natural slopes etc are also looking for directions to direct sunlight, wind, etc.

2.Before you start sketching the design House to write the amount of space the House will contain. This includes living room, kitchen, bedroom, relative amounts of toilet, dining room, living room, car park, Garden space if one exists. This will help to regulate the design of the home stretch as far as the plot is concerned.

3.Write down briefly the number of people who might occupy the House. Also take note of their age group, their living habits such as hours of work, etc. This helps in creating custom settings for special purpose functions. For example, if the host is "Yoga teacher" then he may need a different room with external access that does not interfere with the privacy of the rest of the room.

4.The third step will reveal valuable information to you about the kind of habitat You will design. It will also become clear from three steps did you have to go to the land only
The structure of the floor or two-storey house.

Make some sketches on paper or using computer software whatever is comfortable for you. try different alternatives that will solve the first three requirements to the maximum. Playing with varous architectural style. See also budget factors.

5.If you are ready with the basic plan and the architectural style of trying to deal with the requirements of a variety of services such as home electrical systems, water supply and drainage system, rainwater
drainage system.

Based on this study the basic but very important that can easily complete the design of your dream home. This type of survey and careful analysis saves a lot of time and money in the long run because you will
dealing with real-life problems and solutions.